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Registration is now open for our upcoming 9th Annual Conference!

We hope you'll join us Wednesday, July 25th, through Friday, July 27th, in Chattanooga at the Marriott Downtown for this educational opportunity to stay current on floodplain management issues across the State.  

Registration information and our current agenda are available for download here:   TN_AFPM_2018_AGENDA_Updated_2.

Hotel rooms should be booked directly with the Chattanooga Marriott Downtown:  
Click HERE to Book!

Register Now


Our Mission

To promote and provide assistance for the responsible management of Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) through education, cooperation and communication, thereby protecting the natural and beneficial functions of Tennessee's floodplains.

Our Purpose

  1. To promote public awareness of proper floodplain management;
  2. To promote the professional status of floodplain management and secure all benefits resulting there from;
  3. To enhance cooperation and exchange information between local, state and federal agencies and development entities, private organizations and individuals;
  4. To keep individuals concerned with proper floodplain management well informed through educational and professional seminars and to provide a method for dissemination of information, both general and technical;
  5. To inform concerned individuals of pending floodplain legislation and other related floodplain management matters; and
  6. To study and support legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of floodplain management regulations.